Friday, December 5, 2014

Called to testify even Eddy Cue, vice president of Internet services and software

Called to testify even Eddy Cue, vice president of Internet services and software - including iTunes and App Store - and responsible for advertising services and cloud business of Apple, Siri, Maps and Apple Pay. During the process in which Apple accused of having blocked third-party software on your iPod, Cue told her, deepening the discussion of DRM and the reasons for its decision to simulate a system error which wipe out all the songs purchased from store alternative.

According to him, Apple, after having examined the various possible solutions, thought to offer licensed to other companies DRM Fairplay - the name given to proprietary software for digital rights management - as well it would be possible to expand the music market making it grow faster, "but we could not find a way of working and reliable to offer it to other companies, 'said Cue.

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Were several technical problems that the company met, early interoperability and the growing multitude of MP3 players on the market: Apple knew that would come out new devices from other companies that might not work with this system. "Others have tried to do this, and they failed miserably - reminds Cue - one of which was Microsoft."

Eddy Cue

Record labels - writes The Verge - were against the concept of the iTunes Music Store since they already have their digital music stores and used different DRM technologies for their songs. Defending the use of DRM with iTunes and the iPod was mandatory for Apple, because only in this way it would be possible to keep safe your own store "When we discovered the existence of the hack, the only thing to do was to remedy the flaw in a certain period of time: desist would give the record companies to sell music through iTunes. "

Delete the downloaded songs from other software was then the fastest way to protect digital music file of record companies, which at that time controlled 80% of the music market. Apple still uses Fairplay to protect music files encrypted on their servers, but is then removed when the purchase is made the song: this system monitors and also protects the contents on iBooks and applications on the App Store.

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