Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clash of Clans Gems Hack

Clash of Clans is experiencing a phenomenal success on iOS and Android ... But when is he going to arrive on Windows Phone? The Coca-Cola Zero Gaming Zone conducting the investigation!

Today, who does not know the mobile game Clash of Clans? With this strategy game, you can build your clans where you are, and walk around with in your pocket. In Clash of Clans, you can also find on PCs and Macs, your goal is to build your own village, to unlock different warriors to attack the resources of other villages to create a clan and much, much more. At the Coca-Cola Zero Gaming Zone, we love this game which is available on Android and iOS!
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But what about the players on Windows Phone? Indeed, this category of gamers is totally injured in face of such injustice, and wondered when Clash of Clans deign to come out on their mobile operating system. Many petitions are also underway on various video game forum, but for now, Supercell is not expressed on the subject. Maybe we can expect a surprise arrival as was the case for Candy Crush Soda Saga, on which it is possible to have lives faster. A little patience! Expect the game so on Windows Phone?
Pou, Monument Valley and Radiation Island were the three most downloaded paid games from the App Store for iPhone during the week of January 26 to February 1. Among the free highlighted, Asked, Soda Candy Crush Saga and Golden Manager. For iPad, most games have been downloaded Minecraft payment, Radiation Island and Heroes of Might & Magic III; while among free highlighted Toy Box Disney Infinity, Soda Candy Crush Saga and Head Soccer.

The following positions on the list of most downloaded games for the 'smartphone' Apple are paid Motorsport Manager, Minecraft and Geometry Dash; but between free highlighted Crossy Road, Clash of Clans and Monopoly Bingo.

For the 'tablet' of the Cupertino company, the fourth, fifth and sixth games Pou payment is completed, Monument Valley and Motorsport Manager, respectively; while among the free ones are Asked, Rocket Cars and Learn and Earn, those who follow the list.

Clash of Clans Android Hack

These are lists of paid and free game downloads for iPhone and iPad from the App Store between January 25 and February 1:
Midoki's hand and under the seal of Rovio Stars, brand creators of Angry Birds for publishing outside the company games Pirates Plunder, a new twist to the creation of databases and other attack comes players Clash of Clans style.

As much as it has become fashionable idea, I guess you already imaginaréis what can we expect from this proposal, the usual construction of buildings and defenses for our base as we explore our environment to attack the AI or other players to make us a booty growing.
As expected is a free game, so unfortunately plays deal with the expectations and the various currencies that will allow us to access premium lighten or objects. A practice criticized by players, however, so crazy is the world, have not prevented the success of such proposals is overwhelming.
Here I leave the trailer and a video in which one of the developers shows us how we can improve our island to defend against other players and maximize our profits. So you can see where the guns are bringing these pirates.

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